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The contribution of Religious health networks in Systems Strengthening through Innovations in Community Health Financing

The contribution of Religious health networks in Systems Strengthening through Innovations in Community Health Financing


The case of Community Health Insurance in Uganda – successes and challenges


Dr. Sam Orochi Orach


Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau,


December 2014


Religious health facilities mainly accredited to Uganda Catholic and Uganda Protestant Medical Bureaus have championed the starting of Community Health Insurance Schemes in Uganda. The Medical Bureaus mainly play the role of systems strengthening of the facilities in order to allow the landing and running of various programs, including the CHIs.

Community Health Insurance increases involvement of the members in mobilising resources for their health care. While having to guard against abuse in terms of over use and adverse selection, it seems to improve on health seeking behaviours. It however appears easier to scale up in communities with more expendable money if it should remain sustainable in absence of donor support or any other external support. Its success so far indicates that if supported by the national governments it could be more replicable to other parts of the country as well.

Finally once more, supporting programs including Community Health Insurance Schemes without supporting systems that cover a sector or a big sub-sector, the PNFP, will not lead to sustainable benefit in the communities and the country.


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UCMB Annual Report 2014

 UCMB annually publishes a report indicating perfomance over the 12 months. The report is based on the six broad objectives or goals set out in the 2012-2014 operational plan.

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Millennium Development Goals Report for Uganda 2013


Special theme: Drivers of MDG Progress in Uganda and Implications for the Post-2015 Development Agenda



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National Policy on Public Private Partnership in Health

This policy provides a framework on that enables the public and private sectors in health work together to improve service delivery by exploiting the comparative advantage that each has, focusing on common health goals that we are persuing. It is a guiding frame work for public-private engagement in health.


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